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An efficient quality infrastructure needs lean and digitally transformed processes. The QI-Cloud forms the basis for a common distributed IT platform through which the digitised processes of the quality infrastructure can be handled, data can be securely stored and exchanged, and digital certificates can be issued.

In 2018, PTB started the development of a "Metrology Cloud" for legal metrology with the core principles of data sovereignty, security, and data protection as a common digital platform and point of contact. Within the framework of QI-Digital, PTB together with BAM and the participating project partners is now further developing this "Metrology Cloud" into a "QI-Cloud". Among other things, this infrastructure will become an essential part of a digitally transformed quality infrastructure through shared access to data, digital interoperable QI processes, and a digital contact point for information about products.

Thus, based on standardisation information from the Smart Standards, the fulfilment of the requirements contained in them can be automatically checked by the QI-Cloud. The data and metadata contained can be conveniently extracted and linked to other data. In this way, they can be included in result reports (e.g., digital certificates), which in turn are made available via the QI Cloud. This also simplifies the further use of data in other environments such as the GAIA-X Cloud Ecosystem.