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4th International DCC-Conference 2024 - DCC for FAIR principles in the quality infrastructure

The 4th International DCC Conference will bring together developers, users and scientists from around the world. The conference is free of charge for speakers and listeners, open for everybody and completely online / virtual.

The major theme will be the uptake and further development of digital calibration certificates (DCC) as well as discussions about machine-readable data and metadata in the scientific and quality infrastructure.

Conventional calibration certificates will soon be a thing of the past. Metrology institutes and calibration laboratories worldwide are establishing "digital calibration certificates" (DCC) instead of analog versions. Above all, machine readability would significantly support manufacturing and quality monitoring processes, where digitalization is becoming increasingly prevalent. 

Automatically running tests, quality certificates that can be retrieved anywhere in the world and quickly developed assessment methods for new products - digitalisation offers enormous potential for the quality infrastructure (QI) to streamline and accelerate processes. Therefore, establishing DCC for metrology is just one piece of the larger puzzle that forms the digital QI of the future.


Digitalisation of the quality infrastructure (QI) is much more than the simple transfer of contents of the analogue processes and certificates to digital counterparts. Information in a digital QI should be readable and interpretable by machines. This is achieved by storing the data in clearly defined formats. Hence, this conference invites all who are interested in building the scientific and quality infrastructure on top of FAIR principles:

  • Recent advances regarding machine-actionable information and data in the quality infrastructure
  • Use cases and implementations of digital certificates and reports
  • Software solutions for the integration and uptake of FAIR data in the quality infrastructure
  • Concepts and frameworks for the interoperability in a digital quality infrastructure

The International Programme Committee will further the scope and programme of the conference.

Important dates

Host Organisation: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) - National Metrology Institute, Germany. 

Conference dates: 27th - 29th of February 2024; 11 - 14 UTC as online conference

Registration: opens soon

Submission of abstracts:15th January 2024

You can contact the Organisation Committee to be added to the mailing list for updates on registration and abstract submission.

More about DCC

Here you can find more information about DCC

Foto: PTB
Foto: PTB