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Cooperation partners wanted for the further development of Digital Certificates of Conformity

A milestone in the digital transformation of Certificates of Conformity (D-CoC): The data structure of the administrative part has been implemented. Now, conformity assessment bodies are being sought to collaborate in the further development of these certificates.

The administrative separate data structure of Digital Certificates of Conformity (D-CoC) contains general information about the certified product, the certification body and the manufacturer, and is therefore suitable for universal use. The data structure can be employed in all types of conformity assessment procedures both within and outside of the EU's New Legislative Framework (NLF).

PTB’s Conformity Assessment Body is leading the data structure development work being undertaken by the European Coordination Group for Notified Bodies in Legal Metrology (NoBoMet). In March, the specification was presented at the NoBoMet General Assembly and released for comments. Thereafter, the specification was published in CIRCAB, the online repository of the European Union.

Overall, the digital conformity assessment certificate is to be realized as a complex data structure that is in turn composed of several separate data structures. In addition to the administrative part, the data on the certification result and on all certification-specific comments will also be implemented in form of a universal data structure and will therefore be applicable to all certification procedures of the NLF and the German Mess- und Eichgesetz (Measures and Verification Act). The other separate data structures describe the certificate contents that are specific to the given product certification procedure:

  • D-CoC M B: Type examination (module B) in legal metrology (M)
  • D-CoC M D: Quality assurance (module D) in legal metrology (M)
  • D-CoC M F:  Product verification (module F) in legal metrology (M)
  • D-CoC Ex B: Type examination (module B) in explosion protection (Ex)

Developing a digital conformity assessment certificate is part of the QI Digital pilot project on Reliable Hydrogen Refuelling Stations. Currently, the project team is working on the development of the separate data structure for Module B, the type examination in legal metrology.

In the context of this development, collaboration with external stakeholders is intended. In particular, conformity assessment bodies are wanted that perform conformity assessment procedures other than those mentioned here or that operate under other legal frameworks, – preferably within the NLF.

If you are interested in such cooperation, please contact the D-CoC-Team at:


Bunte Puzzleteile in rot, lila, blau und grün, darauf sind jeweils Felder aus den digitalen Konformitätsbewertungszertifikaten genannt, wie etwa "comment" oder "certification result".