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Save the date: QI-Digital Forum 2024

“AI Act, Data Spaces and Digital Product Passport - Setting the course for a green and digital transition“ am 9. und 10. Oktober in Berlin und online

QI-Digital Forum 2023!

The second QI-Digital Forum on 10 and 11 October 2023 in Berlin was again centered around the future of quality. The focus was on the interaction of the stakeholders in quality infrastructure and the possibilities of digitalization.

Ein Wegweiser mit bunten Elementen, auf denen Raumnummern stehen.

4th international DCC-Conference 2024 (27.02.2023)

The 4th International DCC Conference will bring together developers, users and scientists from around the world - free of charge for speakers and listeners, open for everybody and completely online / virtual.

14.03.2024 - Register now for the d-CoC - User Meeting!

Information about the digital conformity assessment certificates (d-CoC) - we cordially invite all users from legal metrology and explosion protection (market surveillance, manufacturers, use monitoring, ...)!

Bunte Puzzleteile in rot, lila, blau und grün, darauf sind jeweils Felder aus den digitalen Konformitätsbewertungszertifikaten genannt, wie etwa "comment" oder "certification result".

IMEKO 2024

IMEKO 2024 - The International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) invites you to its XXIVth World Congress (26-29 August 2024). Metrological Organisations from all over the world will gather in Hamburg for the next stop of the triennial meetings.

Artificial intelligence in medical applications

For AI applications in the area of health, which is particularly worthy of protection, we develop the basis for measurable quality criteria. We develop processes so that the use can be quality-assured and trustworthy.

Person in scrubs behind a digitized image of a thorax showing lungs

Reliable Hydrogen Technology

Using the example of a hydrogen filling station, we show in our living lab how operational reliability, availability and economic efficiency can be increased with the help of new digital methods.

Ein Auto steht vor einer Zapfsäule mit Aufschrift „H2“

Additive manufacturing for SMEs

In our living lab, we work together with companies on solutions for digitally supported quality assurance in additive manufacturing.

Man with a part in his hand stands in front of a 3D printer with a screen

New solutions for a modern, agile quality infrastructure

"Made in Germany" stands for trust in quality and safety, which should also apply in the digital and green transformation.  In an increasingly digitalised world, quality assurance of products, processes, and services must also be rethought. Our goal is to make our proven quality infrastructure (QI) even better. For modern and efficient quality assurance.   

As central players in German QI, we have joined forces to develop concrete solutions for innovative use cases. In doing so, a holistic and practice-oriented approach is important to us. We explicitly invite companies in Germany to contribute with their needs and ideas, thus creating a comprehensive network.  

More about the initiative

First pilot projects

AI in Medical Applications

For AI applications in the particularly sensitive area of health, we are developing the foundations of measurable quality criteria. We develop procedures so that the application can be quality-assured and trustworthy.

Zu KI in der Medizin

Reliable Hydrogen Technology

Using the example of a hydrogen filling station, we use our living lab to show how operational safety, availability, and economic efficiency can be increased with the help of new digital methods.

Zu verlässliche Wasserstofftechnologie

Additive Manufacturing
for SMEs

In our living lab, we are working together with interested companies on fundamental and practical solutions for digitally supported quality assurance in additive manufacturing.

Zu Additive Fertigung für den Mittelstand


In the QI-Digital initiative, we raise the potentials of new technologies for a more efficient quality assurance. In this way, we support the design of modern QI for the digital and green transformation of the economy. And we make a contribution to solve socio-economic, ecological, and technological challenges of our time. 


For a modern QI 

  • we develop new digital and integrated structures and procedures (digital quality infrastructure)
  • we work together on solutions in practical, cooperative, and interdisciplinary pilot projects
  • we establish a network of business, research, and QI stakeholders
  • we support the design of an adapted legal framework

Digital Quality Infrastructure -
Key Elements

Smart Standards

The standard of the future must offer all relevant information in digital form - machine-readable and machine-executable. 


Digital Certificates

We develop digital, machine-readable, and interoperable certificates for QI processes such as calibrations or conformity assessments.



Quality-X aims to weave a digital QI framework into existing initiatives. For this purpose, GAIA-X and International Data Spaces (IDS) represent initiatives to automate data sharing following European values across organization bound- aries. These principles underpin the general concept of Quality-X.


Become part of the network

We think of the quality infrastructure as an overall system and drive digitalization forward across institutions.  

Together with users, we want to develop targeted solutions for their specific requirements and problems and put them into practice. 

To this end, we are creating a network for knowledge transfer for a future-proof QI.  

Be part of it. Get in touch with us.


About us

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

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